My main areas of expertise:

Legal and finance:

  • Patents – mainly in the field of technical and industrial solutions,
  • Construction law – regulations, contracts, tender documents, construction documentation,
  • EU law – directives, regulations, information materials,
  • Contracts of all kinds,
  • Insurance documents,
  • Profit and loss statements.

IT and telecommunications:

  • Software localization – program interface and online help,
  • User manuals and software documentation, promotional materials,
  • Website localization,
  • Manuals and documentation for mobile and fixed network devices.

Technology and automation:

  • Manuals and technical documentation,
  • Software for control systems,
  • Documentation for production lines,
  • Technical documentation of machines and equipment,
  • Machining – tools and machining centers.


  • Manuals and documentation of construction machinery,
  • Structural documentation,
  • Geotechnical analyses and surveying documentation,
  • Tender documentation.


  • Manuals,
  • Technical documentation,
  • Diagnostic software,
  • Information and advertising materials.

Advertising, marketing, training:

  • Training materials,
  • Advertising brochures, leaflets,
  • Information on the Internet.

Environmental protection:

  • Waste management,
  • Implementation of regulations,
  • Geoinformatics.

However, I leave the texts from the fields of medicine, pharmacy, chemistry and biology to my more experienced colleagues.

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