Translation technology – CAT software

For many years I have been using translation software, so-called CAT software (Computer Assisted Translation), which helps me to constantly improve my work, especially in the case of such translation tasks as GUI localization and the translation of technical texts with a high word repetition rate.

The programs I use belong to the standard of computer-assisted translation technology: SDL Trados Studio 2024 , Trados Suite, SDLX, MemoQ, Star Transit NXT, Passolo, Across. However, if there is a need for translation using a tool that is unknown to me or an in-house tool, I will always be happy to learn something new.

Thanks to the use of this software, in the case of specialized texts, it is possible to meet the high requirements of terminological consistency, the repetition of identical or similar terms in the translation and to achieve a significant acceleration of the work.

The databases of translations created in this way help me to constantly improve my translation workshop, which has a very positive effect on both the quality of the texts I translate and the timely completion of orders. I have specialized TMs from various fields with over 1,000,000 segments (units) and over 40 glossaries with technical terms from many sectors.

You always receive the translated texts from me in the form of a computer file and, if you wish, you can also receive the TM (Translation Memory), which can then also be used for future jobs.

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