Dictionaries, encyclopedias and Internet sources

During my work I often use a variety of general dictionaries as well as specialized encyclopedias, including monolingual, bilingual and multilingual sources, both in print and electronic form. At the same time, I always try to check problematic technical terms and expressions in specialized literature. This is an indispensable prerequisite for maintaining high terminology standards.

In addition, I have my own glossaries and encyclopedias with terminology from various fields: legal, automotive, construction, environmental protection, mobile communications, mechanical engineering, machining, printing technology and many more. They are the result of my own work and research in specialized literature and available Internet sources. The end result of this search activity is the following list of dictionaries and online terminology aids, which I am constantly trying to expand.

Feel free to use the compiled collection of links to various dictionaries and information materials. They are arranged thematically, as it would be difficult to find any other meaningful systematization. I constantly try to keep all references up to date. However, if any errors or problems occur, please contact me: jacek(at)scholz.com.pl.

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Construction law and construction

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